10 Yummy Kombucha Recipes

After I learned how to make Kombucha at home, the next step was to add some flavour. There were some really nice flavours at the shops and I wanted to replicate them. I plan on drinking Kombucha daily and it will be nicely to have a few flavours to choose from. The standard Kombucha is nice, but once you add fruit or other flavours, it gets a real lift. I went about looking for some nice Kombucha Recipes to make.

I basically make and drink my kombucha like I would ice tea. Lemon and ginger is my favourite flavour out of all of them.

Second Fermentation

The flavouring process ideally requires a second fermentation period of about one to three days. First you remove the SCOBY from your new batch. You take the additional flavours (like fruits or juices) and add it to the plain Kombucha in a air tight container. You could simply mix the juice or fruit into Kombucha without additional fermentation after removing the SCOBY but you get a better end result if you do a second round of fermentation. If you’re using fresh or frozen fruit you might want to strain the finished drink.

Fruit Based Kombucha Recipes

When using fresh or frozen fruits to flavour your Kombucha, aim for approximately two cups of frozen fruits for every 32 ounces of unflavoured Kombucha. The process is simple, blend or puree the fruits, add it to the unflavoured Kombucha and leave it for second fermentation. Here are some nice fresh or frozen fruit kombucha recipes you can try:

Blueberry and raspberry
Blueberry and cinnamon
Blueberry and ginger
Strawberry and basil
Fresh or candied ginger

Juice Based Kombucha Recipes

When using juices to flavour the Kombucha, the recommended ratio is 80-90% Kombucha and 10-20% fruit juice. Here are some of the fruit juices you could use:

Pineapple juice
Apple juice and ginger
Cranberry juice
Pear juice
Lemon juice and fresh ginger

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