Recipe: Zucchini Noodles

I tried making zucchini noodles for the time this week. I needed noodles for pad thai recipe and this was the best alternative to ordinary noodles since I could not get my hands on spaghetti squash. The zucchini noodle recipe here is very simple and takes just a few minutes.

You can use these zucchini noodles as replacements for pasta, lasgna noodles or even thicker wider noodles like pad thai.



Large Zucchini
Mandolin or Speed Peeler

Wash and cut the ends off your zucchini.

Now depending on how you want your noodles you use either the peeler or the mandolin. The mandolin will give you small spaghetti like noodles. You hold the zucchini over the mandolin and use a longer motion than if you were grating a vegetable. The end result are nice small noodles.

If you prefer slightly wider noodles you can use the speed peeler and just peel long strands off the zucchini. I have even cut the zucchini into blocks and used speed peeler on the blocks. The width of the blocks are my preferred width for the noodles.

For a paleo pasta dish, the mandolin works better while for pad thai and even lasagna noodles, the speed peeler will have better results.

Finally, cooking them is easy. I simply microwave on high for two to three minutes and its done. If you are microwaving larger quantities then you might need to divide them into small batches or just nuke them for longer.

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