Recipe: Paleo Thai Green Beef Curry

For my week of Thai cooking I needed a beef recipe and green curry seemed a more natural fit for me than red curry. I have limited in choices when it comes to affordable cuts of beef and stewing and simmering cuts of beef are the only ones easily available. Because of that it had to be a curry. I could slow cook a beef curry for a few hours and turn that cut of beef topside into soft chunks of beef that fell apart as you pressed them. This is my recipe for paleo thai green beef curry.

Rather than make a green curry paste from scratch, I used a store bought green curry paste. I did the same thing for my paleo thai green curry chicken.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that I make all our lunches and dinners ahead for the week. These slow cooked beef recipes are the best and will last you the entire week. They refrigerate very well and if you did end up making too much you can freeze it for later.



serves 6 (refrigerates and freezes quite well)

1kg beef (i use topside)
Coconut oil
180g Thai green curry paste
2 cans quality coconut milk
Fish sauce to taste
Brown Sugar to taste
Soy sauce to taste
Vegetable stock

Cut the beef into two to three inch pieces. Don’t cut them too small or they will disintegrate into the curry.

Heat some coconut oil in a pan and medium to high heat. When the pan is hot add your curry paste. For my green curry chicken I suggested you vary the quantity of paste. Not so in this case. Assuming you use a curry paste bottle similar to mine, then use all of it.

Fry off the paste for about two minutes. Some of the paste might get stuck to the pan, don’t worry, it will all come off later.

Add the beef in and brown for a few minutes, tossing it in and coating it with bits of curry paste.

Add the coconut milk and reduce the heat to medium and leave it for a few hours. How many hours depends on the beef and the heat used. Slower and longer is better. My last batch took about four hours.

If at any point the mixture thickens or dries too much, just keep adding vegetable stock to keep it liquid.

Test every hour or half hour until you think its very close. At this point, add the second can of coconut milk and remove the lid on your pot if you had one and cook it down to a thickness that you like your curries to be. For chicken I like a more watery gravy but for beef I like it almost as thick as a sauce.

Add your fish sauce, soy sauce and sugar in to taste. Keep adding and balancing the flavours until you get a taste you like.

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