Recipe: Green Peas and Leeks

Tossed Green Peas has to be one of the easiest side dishes to make. I keep a few bags of frozen green peas in the freezer just for when I need a side dish in a hurry. This time around I had some leftover Leeks and the combination seemed like a good idea.

The process if actually quite simple. If your peas are frozen like mine, defrost them while you prep the Leeks. Finely slice the Leeks, though some larger than others will just add to the texture. Heat some fat in a pan and toss the leeks on medium heat till they lose some of the stiffness. About five minutes. Finish it off by adding the defrosted green peas and cooking for two minutes to bring the peas up to temperature and you’re done. A nice easy side dish, ideal for when you need to put something together really quickly.


a quick and easy side dish


1 pack frozen green peas (500g)
2 medium stalks leeks
Butter or any other fat available
Salt and pepper for seasoning

Heat fat in pan
Toss leeks
Add peas when leeks are done

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