6 Light Delicious Paleo Crepes Recipes

Crepes are a very think pancake usually made from wheat flour. They are made by pouring the very thin batter on to a hot circular hot plate. There are several ways and ingredient substitutions to make paleo crepes recipes but mostly its replacing the wheat flour with other flours like coconut and/or arrowroot flours. The textures of the crepes can vary, some heavier or lighter than others, but for the most part they are very close to the original.


1. >Paleo Crepes

photo: againstallgrain.com – paleo crepes

2. >Gluten Free Egg Crepes Recipe

photo: simplygluten-free.com – gluten free egg crepes

3. >Paleo Plantain Crepes

photo: primalpal.net – paleo plantain crepes

4. >Raw crepes recipe

photo: therawtarian.com – raw crepes

5. >Crispy Coconut Crepes

photo: healthyalamode.com – crispy coconut crepes

6. >Grain-Free Protein Crepes

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