Is Tapioca Flour Paleo?

I recently came across a pack of gluten free flour. Curious to see what it contained, I found that the majority of the starch is from tapioca. I bought it but my next question was, is tapioca flour paleo?

Tapioca is also known as Cassava and in to someone who is a purist, it is not paleo. The one thing it is however, is gluten free. So for anyone who mostly avoids using flour because of a gluten intolerance, then this is a possible option.

So while tapioca flour is not paleo, I will continue to use it in my cooking. My general concern with wheat is gluten. And this allows me the use of flour for things like coating chicken or as a thickening agent. For most people it will be a personal choice. If you are an absolute purist then you should not use it. It all depends on how strict you are. I won’t be using it to bake bread or cakes since it is almost empty nutritionally speaking and I want to keep the sugar levels down.

It is up to you.


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