Is Granola Paleo

Granola bars used to be something I used to always turn to for a snack or for a much needed energy boost during a workout. I decided to have a look and see if granola really is paleo, or if there are any paleo alternatives.

What is Granola?

Granola (and Granola bars) are basically a mixture of nuts, seeds, grains, fruits (usually dried) along with some form of artificial sweetener. There are loads of different combination of ingredients and flavours. Those depend on the nature of the bar. For example a post workout bar will have some form of protein, usually whey protein along with some oats for carbs. While there are also the low fat, high varieties. But is granola paleo? Just like a lot of made foods, it depends.

Is Granola Paleo?

To answer that question, just like my post on almond butter (is almond butter paleo?), you need to look at the ingredients of the granola bar. The elements that are questionable are going to be grains, protein source and seeds. The grains will most definitely mean its not, while the protein and seeds can tip it one way or another. There is one way you could definitely make sure it is. That is to make it yourself. There are loads of recipes for paleo granola bars online. Google it and find a recipe that fits your specific need. Just make sure not to spend most of your day downing granola bars (paleo or not).

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