Is Dark Chocolate Paleo?

I have always had a really big sweet tooth. Generally cravings are attributed to a lack of on a nutrient. For chocolate that nutrient is magnesium, and if you crave sweets in general then it could be a lack of carbs. So keeping that in mind, I supplemented with magnesium and upped my carbs the cravings did drop to a small degree. But I still craved something sweet.

The solution was dark chocolate. I never actually like it before but I really took a liking to it recently. I don’t have much of it. Usually just a couple of squares after dinner.

But, is dark chocolate paleo?

Theoretically it is not. If you are an absolute purist then it is definitely off limits. For me, its fine. I am not 100% paleo in that sense and I like to indulge in a little bit of a treat every now and then.

Dark chocolate is quite healthy. It is low in sugar , high in healthy fats. There are so many more positives to dark chocolate, which mark sisson talks about here. If you want a breakdown of its health benefits that article also discusses the many other health benefits from dark chocolate.

I would recommend sticking to dark chocolate that is over 70%, preferably 85%.  Just remember not to go too crazy. Just follow what I do and have a couple of squares at a time. For a real treat I get other flavours like Mint, Strawberry etc. Those are amazing.



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    Ever tried Raw Cacoa chocolate syrup healthy processed without heat. The brand I like does have organic raw agave nectar which I normally do not eat but to get a satisfying chocolate fix. Only 1/2 teaspoon does the trick for me especially if I add it to a cup of my organic coffee cappuccino…now that is indulgence without going too far….I normally eat no sugar except stevia if this chocolate was sweetened with it it would be perfect.. I order Healthy Addictions from a Wilderness Family Naturals who also has great centrifuged coconut oil

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