Is Almond Flour Paleo?

Almond flour is the most popular flour when it comes to making (or baking) paleo desserts. It is a stand in for wheat flour and because almonds are considered paleo, everyone assumes that almond flour is as well. But really, is almond flour paleo?

What is Almond flour?

Almond flour is basically ground up almonds. The almonds have the brown skin removed and then milled to make the flour. This is the primary difference between almond flour and almond meal, where the skin remains.

Is almond flour paleo?

In my opinion Almond flour is paleo but only when consumed in moderation. Just because you start out with paleo friendly almonds does not mean the end product is in keeping with the spirit of the diet.

First of all is the question of quantity. Did you know it takes about 80 to 90 almonds to make a cup of almond flour. Some recipes require two to three cups of almond flour, for what ends up being 4 servings. That means if you were to eat one serving, that would be the same as eating 60 almonds. This is why we avoid processed foods on the paleo diet, and almond flour is a processed food.

For that reason alone, for baking I would prefer to use coconut flour. Coconut flour has mostly saturated fat unlike the poly unsaturated fat in Almonds. Coconut flour is also much less dense calorically speaking and higher in fiber.

Almond flour should be looked at in the same way as Almonds. Eat in moderation and you will be fine.

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