Is Almond Butter Paleo

Peanut butter used to be one of my all time favourite foods. I used to have it with nearly everything. With crackers, protein shakes and fruit (as sort of a desert). It is yummy and just a little too easy to get carried away with. One of my favourite combinations was Bananas, Apples and other fruits, and a tablespoon or two of Peanut butter. But I do miss it, and was always looking for an alternative.

Enter Almond Butter.

What exactly is Almond Butter?

Almond butter, is just like Peanut butter. Making it is easy but time consuming. All you need to make Almond butter is some Almonds, which you then put in a food processor and process on and off for about 20+ minutes until you get Almond butter. There are loads of recipes out there, but be warned, it really tests your food processor. But is Almond butter paleo?. The answer: It depends.

Is almond butter paleo?

In its purest form Almond butter is paleo. If you make it yourself at home, and add nothing to it, it definitely is paleo. Where you need to be careful is with store bought. Always make sure to scan the ingredients and make sure there is nothing non-paleo about it. A good sign is if its in the refrigerated section and has a relative short shelf life (read: not years). Either way if you don’t care to or have the time to make it yourself, just check the label for anything fishy (even the lack of an ingredients list is fishy) and then take it from there. Almond butter made from plain Almonds is definitely paleo friendly.

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