How to make a Green Smoothie

Thanks to a friend of mine at work I decided to give green smoothies a try. At the time it was mostly because I wanted more micronutrients in my diet and this seemed like the easiest and most convenient way to do it.

I started drinking it for a couple of weeks and something unexpected happened. I have had grey hair from my early teens. Now, after less than two months of drinking green smoothies, I lost almost all my grey hair. It sounds crazy and I would not have believed it if anyone had told me. It was the only thing I had done differently in that time period. Turns out I am not the only who this has happened to. The explanation then was that the grey hair was due to micronutrient deficiencies which were taken care of by the smoothie.

Since then a lot of other people (who have also seen me walking around sipping a bottle of green liquid) have asked How to make a Green Smoothie. I tend to wing it when it comes to making it, but that doesn’t help someone new so i calculated my exact quantities and method. Here is my method:


You will need a good potentially high speed blender. The better your blender the smoother your smoothie will be.


These can be any leafy greens, darker the better. I tend to rotate two greens at a time each week. The greens I use are Corriander leaves (Cilahntro), Kale, Spinach, Celery etc. Basically any greens will do. If it some lesser known green local to your area make sure they have some nutritional benefits.

This is the base and what helps initially blend the greends. For me this is usually water. You can use coconut milk, coconut water or nut milks like almond milk. Use the coconut milk if you want some extra fat in your smoothies.

I tend to stick to some basic combinations here. I add cucumber (without the seeds) and carrot as vegetables and pineapple and banana for fruits. When it comes to the fruits, just make sure that they are ripe, as this adds some sweetness to a potentially bitter smoothie depending on which greens you chose. The banana helps to make the smoothie creamy, but you won’t need it if you add avocado. Other fruits you can use are Apples, Berries, Mango, Avocado, Orange, Grapes, Pears and lots of others. If you have allergies, swap out any vegetables or fruits for something else.

Boosters are what I call anything that doesn’t fit in the above three categories that you can add to your smoothie to give it a … boost! I add Chia seeds and ginger, but feel free to add anything that is good for you. It needs to blend well and not taste like crap. If you can tolerate the taste, even those that taste like crap like Spirulina are good additions. Here are some common ingredients you can add: Chia seeds, flax seeds, almond butter, spirulina, green tea powder etc.


Making the smoothie is easy and takes five minutes.

1. Put only the greens into the blender and pack it tightly. The tighter the better so they dont get stuck at the top.

2. Pour your liquid base in and start blending. This usually takes around 30 seconds to a minute. I shake the blender around a bit if some of the greens are stuck at the top.

3. Once you have a smooth green liquid throw in your fruits and vegetables and blend everything until its nice and smooth.

4. Drink up!

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