Easy Paleo Oven Dried Tomatoes

I love oven dried tomatoes. It is one of my favorite snacks, and can also be used in salads etc. Making them yourself is so easy and is much cheaper than buying them from the store. Here is how I made my Paleo oven dried tomatoes.

any tomatoes will do. the riper the better.

When it comes to making oven dried tomatoes, there is no real recipe.

First, take as many tomatoes as you want, or as many that fit in the tray or rack that you are going to use. Halve or quarter the tomatoes. I halve them if they are very small or make them wedges of the tomatoes are medium to large. You then place them skin side down on the baking sheet on your tray. Sprinkle some salt and drizzle some Olive oil and bake in the oven at 250 degrees F for three to four hours. You can just knock the heat off at the four hour mark and leave it in if they aren’t dry enough for you.

i cut them into wedges and arranged them on a baking tray

You can also experiment with the flavor by sprinkling chopped parsley or thyme along with the Olive oil. For those of you with ovens with C instead of F, you need to leave it at about 100. The mistake I made was setting the oven to 200 C and ended up burning most of a batch an hour into it.

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