Five Amazing Paleo Coleslaw Recipes

paleocoleslawrecipesColeslaw in its most basic form is Paleo. It is basically Cabbage, Carrot and a mayo. The first step to a slaw that is Paleo compliant is to use a good mayo. Beyond that, avoid other ingredients like sour cream, dairy or refined sugar. If you like it a little sweet, one way to sweeten a coleslaw without adding sugar is to add a fruit like Apple. There are a lot of paleo coleslaw recipes, but these five are the most likely ones I would try.

If creamy is what you are after, try the paleo moms best creamy coleslaw. – Most of the people I know prefer a creamier slaw. This is exactly what this recipe delivers. Keeping this paleo means ditching the cream in favor of a using two oils for the mayo and mixing in some mustard.

For an asian twist here is a paleo take on a asian broccoli slaw. – I have had broccoli slaws before and this is actually just as good, if not better. Fair warning though, this slaw has more ingredients than your typical slaw.

If you prefer to keep it simple, check out this standard coleslaw recipe by paleo porn. – I personally prefer the classic paleo coleslaw. Mostly because it is faster to make. Coleslaw is one of many side dishes in a typical meal for me so I need to be able to make it quickly.

Pack your slaw with superfoods in this superfood slow or go for a different flavor combination with this orange balsamic slaw. – These two are slightly more unusual. If different is what you are looking for, choose either one of these two.

There you go, five paleo slaw recipes that cover everything from classic to tangy. Choose whichever will complement your main and you really can’t go wrong.

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