Are Cashews Paleo

I use Cashew nuts as a replacement for Peanuts, especially for cooking Thai food. They serve as a better replacement than Almonds, especially for Asian cooking. Having done that so many times, until now I never gave much thought their suitability and other potential risks. Are cashews paleo?

The problem with Cashews

Cashews themselves are quite high in mono unsaturated fats, have lower poly unsaturated fats than almonds have a decent amount of Omega 3 fatty acids. Those are all good things, there are two problems I can come up with it.

Cashews have far more Phytic acid than other nuts and seeds. Fortunately soaking raw cashews overnight solves that problem. So for future reference, buy raw cashews and soak them overnight and dry them before cooking or eating.

The other danger is the hyper-palatability. Cashews in almost any form can be eaten absolutely endlessly. A raw cashew is so much easier to overdo than a raw Almond. The ability to finish a bag of it only gets easier when its buttered or salted and roasted.

Are Cashews Paleo?

Back to the original question. As long as you can control your consumption of Cashews and soak them to remove the Phytic acid, Cashews are definitely Paleo friendly.

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