10 Simple and Suprising Ways to Prevent or Shorten the Common Cold

I hate getting the common cold. Don’t we all?

We all forget how horrible it feels when just a few simple remedies can prevent it. I did some research and put together a list of what we can do to prevent or shorten the common cold. I have personally tried most of these and have not had anything more than a mild cold in six months.

Some of these methods are pretty basic and obvious. But they still do work. There are a few towards the bottom of the page that are a bit more unconventional.

Here are the standard conventional ways:

Keep your hands clean – Always keep your hands clean after direct contact with people or when you visit the restroom. Carry hand sanitizer just in case they don’t have hand wash.

Hydrate – Dehydration can cause a drop in your immune responses so always drink enough water. What is enough water? There is no single calculation, but chances if you feel thirsty, then you’re not drinking enough.

Sleep – Good restful sleep is essential. Several days of lost sleep can completely cripple your immune system.

Reduce sugar intake – An average amount of sugar can reduce the effectiveness of your immune system for several hours.

Reduce stress – This is probably the biggest immune suppressor and is likely the prime culprit for people catching the cold.

Vitamin D – Make sure get at least 2000iu of Vitamin D to help immune function. This is true even more so in the winter months.

Zinc – Get plenty of Zinc as it has been found to improve immune function. 30mg is the average intake for the day.

Here are some rather unconventional methods:

Dr. Daniel Chong – Take 1-2 grams of pure ascorbic acid, which is a form of Vitamin C with every meal. If you feel like you are getting sick then 1 gram for every waking hour until you get loose stools.(I have personally tried and can vouch for this one)

Ben Greenfield – Oil of oregano as an anti-viral, and elderberry tincture and echinacea tincture as immune system boosters

Zia L. Robles Hernandez, ND – Take astragalus twice a day during the flu/cold season

References: WellnessFX

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  • Reply July 1, 2015

    Jane W.

    Astragalus is what I swear by – and I’m glad to see it included in this list. I have taken it after I felt the first effects of a cold starting and they were all gone in 6 hours! (That was during a winter of visiting a nursing home three times weekly.)
    An “echinacea tincture” is no doubt an immune system booster, so it can prevent a cold – but it does nothing to shorten one. I’ve been told that echinacea does not “work” once you have a cold.

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