Paleo Chicken Salad Recipes

Chicken salads can be an easy paleo friendly alternative for lunches and snacks on the go. Since chicken is affordable and a good source of protein, these yummy paleo chicken salad recipes will keep you full for longer and help you stick to your health and fitness goals.

The easiest way of creating a chicken salad is to make your chicken the usual way you would and then vary the salads. If you are someone that cooks on a weekly basis, you could cook two different types of chicken (eg: a lemon roast chicken and Rosemary garlic chicken), portion and place in the freezer/ fridge for the week.

In my opinion salads are better when they are made fresh, but if your short on time you could cut your veges before hand and place them in different containers and put your salad together on the day.

Here are my ten favorite Paleo friendly chicken salads I eat and links to each recipe:

  1. Honey mustard chicken plantain salad:
  2. Chicken salad with grapes, apples and cranberries:
  3. Simple chicken salad:
  4. Chicken with walnuts:
  5. Chicken waldorf salad:
  6. Asian almond chicken salad:
  7. Chicken salad with bell peppers:
  8. Chicken curry salad:
  9. Curried chicken salad:
  10. Paleo chicken greek salad:

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